Friday, March 02, 2007


Well we've been in Hungary about a month now and things have begun to feel normal. We've gotten use to people saying "see ya" when they meet us, "hallo" when they leave, and a few other things unique to Hungary. So what does that have to do with eggs? Well, normal people can go to the store and buy eggs, so we decided that's exactly what we needed to do.

Yesterday, after morning classes, we walked into the village armed with our limited Hungarian vocabulary determined to come back with eggs (tojast). What makes this difficult is that they keep them in the back and you have to ask for them and tell the storekeeper how many you want. The first two stores were out, but the third and final store in the village had eggs. I asked for ten because that was about what I thought we needed (and I didn't know how to say twelve). That worked out because a full carton holds ten. The best part was the fact that they had just been gathered from the chickens they keep behind the store.

Edna and I walked home with our eggs feeling a sense of normalcy and accomplishment. This morning we had fried egg sandwiches. Life is good.

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