Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vision Calvary Chapel

Vision Calvary Chapel Porterville
Andrew, Pastor Ryan, myself and Edna

This morning we were honored to share about our lives in Ukraine with Vision Calvary Chapel in Porterville. It is always a blessing to us when we can gather with believers and tell about what God is doing in Ukraine. They made us feel like family and have graciously offered to help support us financially and in prayer. We were so happy to see how God is blessing the fellowship there with sound Bible teaching. I never knew that Leviticus could be so exciting. Thanks Ryan.

It was also a time of reunion since I had gone to high school with Andrew, their missions coordinator, and have only recently been in contact with him again. We are both different people now thanks to God's Grace, Mercy, and Love. We enjoyed an awesome time of fellowship and lunch together with our families. Thanks again Andrew.

A Night with Ebo

Ebo Elder

Last night I had the pleasure of spending time with professional boxer Ebo Elder at Calvary Chapel Visalia. He has now gone into full time ministry and is an amazing source of encouragement for all those who love the Lord and want to see others discover salvation in Jesus Christ. I've heard his testimony and I highly recommend you check it out for yourself by clicking the link Ebo Tribe. It's incredible what happens when you let God do what you can't.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Vacation Bible School in the Foothills

VBS at Foothill Bible Church

This morning we met with Terri from Foothill Bible Church in Elderwood to share with the children there about the children in Ukraine. This week they are having their Vacation Bible School and are raising money for Ukrainian children’s books that make the Gospel known through the life of Jesus Christ (done through Cook International). We were blessed by all of the questions and interest the children had about the children in Ukraine. There were just over seventy children and we were honored to be their guests. Joshua even showed the children how to count to five in Ukrainian (which they did amazingly well). It was such an encouragement to see all of those children hearing God’s Word and seeing all the young people in service to the Lord.

VBS at Foothill Bible Church
Joshua had a chance to get in on some of the activities and paint his hair orange. We had such a good time and we wish we could go back again.

Saturday, June 20, 2009



A few hours ago, I was downloading some pictures from my camera when I heard the unmistakable sound of a car impacting something just outside the house we are staying in here in Visalia. Edna called 911 while I ran for the car with my camera in hand. (This is actually the second time that a car has rolled in front of the house here so we knew the drill.) I snapped a photo as I ran across the road. I was relieved to see a shaken, but seemingly unhurt, young girl emerge through a broken window. I had her lay flat on the ground while a neighbor helped me assess her condition. Edna helped her make a phone call to her mother and calm her down while we waited for an ambulance.

Waiting for an Ambulance
Edna and a neighbor helping to notify the girl's family before the ambulance arrived

The 23-year-old girl had apparently lost control of her car causing it to go into a spin and impact a tree. Her car impacted the tree backwards at an angle that caused it to flip over. Hitting the tree like that probably kept her from sustaining serious injuries. All of us were thankful that God had brought this girl through what could have been a serious accident and are praying that she had no unseen injuries.



I’m sure that seat belts and airbags factor into things, but I’m still amazed at God’s ability and willingness to protect our fragile bodies according to His will.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Three More Years!

Ukrainian Visa
Edna's visa that is valid for three years

On Tuesday morning we went to the Ukrainian Consulate in San Francisco expecting to receive a one year visa for Edna. The government had only approved her for a one year visa, but we had gotten a three year invitation letter. They were really nice to us at the consulate office and told Edna she could have a three year visa since she had a three year invitation letter. We were really blessed since this means we won't have to travel to a consulate office or embassy outside of Ukraine for three years or pay the fee to renew her visa. (The boys and I already had five year visas so now we are all set until 2012.) Praise God!