Monday, October 23, 2006

Last night my wife and I took the kids to a concert in Pismo Beach. We returned home with signed posters, pins, hats, stickers, and two wide eyed boys who couldn't get to sleep. Dominic's favorite part was getting to hang out with the guys from Last Tuesday after they played. They were so awesome to take the time to talk and listen to one of their biggest fans. Joshua was excited because Jeremy from One Truth Clothing gave him a free vinly sticker with the One Truth logo for being such a loyal customer. Thanks Jeremy.
Last Tuesday opened, followed by John Reuben, Sanctus Real and Super Chick. It was an amazing concert, but I think we spent more time looking at the joy in our children's faces than watching the bands. I know it will be one of those memories that will follow them through-out their lives. (Dominic)"Hey, remember that time mom and dad took us to that concert with Sanctus Real?" (Joshua)"Yep, that was awesome."
We all had a late dinner at Burger King and realized just how late it was when they turned out the lights on us right after we got our food. "I guess we should make this one to-go guys." We were totally blessed to have such a great time together as a family.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Yesterday, I took our boys and two of our friend's children Geocaching again. Before we set out, my wife spent some time with the only girl in our Geocaching gang. For a short while, my wife wasn't the only girl in the household of us boys.

We finished our adventure of hunting for treasure with some ice cream at Foster's Freeze. Everyone had a good time as we talked about the caches we had found from Morro Bay to Los Osos.

We are all still trying to figure out what Joshua was thinking in this picture. So far, the best guess is that he just realized the ice cream he was eating was vanilla and not the chocolate he ordered. We also noticed that Arabella always seemed to be aware of when a picture was being taken and assume a fitting pose.

Joshua reminded me of something tonight just before I posted this. Our children's ears are always listening even when we don't realize it. Joshua was praying tonight and as he got done praying for "the starving children and homeless people to have food, water, and shelter" (spoken like the son of an Army survival class graduate), he added in "oh yeah, I almost forgot, but only if it be in your will God." I was shocked. I asked him why he said that. He said, "Because sometimes God lets us suffer a little bit so we can learn from it and make us stronger. Sometimes we don't know why, but God does and that's how he takes care of us." Again I was kind of shocked that he had that concept. I asked where he had heard that. He said, "I heard it from you Dad when you were praying in the car the other day." Joshua reminded me that our children learn best by example and that I should never hesitate to try to explain something even when I think it might be over his head.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

On Sunday, a friend was gracious enough to loan us her two children for the afternoon. We decided to go Geocaching as a team.

It was Arabella's first time so she was excited to discover a little purple bag that was just perfect for her in the first cache we found.

We ended the day by feeding the ducks and doing some goose wrangling at Laguna Lake. I snapped this picture of Arabella petting a White Chinese goose. I wasn't really able to look at what I was taking a picture of. The camera strap was around my arm and the goose, so I just pushed the button and got this awesome shot. I couldn't have planned it any better.

Here's a picture of my wife, Edna, feeding some of the Brown and White Chinese geese back in March. Yes, the kids have even named some of them. They will walk right up to us and let us pick them up and eat out of our hand. My boys love to see the look on people's faces when dad is walking around with a goose under each arm. Edna thinks it's funny too, but pretends not to know me when people are watching.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Picture Day

A mad rush to find the rest of the soccer team among the hundreds of parents and their children. The color of their uniforms helps, but there are five other teams dressed exactly the same. Finally, it's Joshua's turn. I've managed to keep him clean, his hair still looks good, and his shirt is still tucked in. What! What do you mean you have to change the film? I go to all this trouble and you aren't using a digital camera? What if he blinked? You can't tell if he blinked unless you preview the picture. Oh no! I think he blinked. You aren't going to take a second picture just to be safe? Well atleast his hair looked good. His hair did look good didn't it? Oh no I wasn't paying attention to his hair. I was watching to see if he blinked.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Yesterday, I noticed that there seemed to be alot of pine trees along the East Cuesta Ridge. I resolved that I would venture to those pines on my mountain bike today. I wanted to get a closer look at some of God's wonders that are hidden among the hills. I was rewarded at every turn. I was struck by the fact that no human hand could ever hope to craft such amazing beauty.

Each turn in the road revealed things more incredible than the next. I could feel the stress of everyday life melt away as I did my best to take it all in.

The rock formations reminded me of how violent their creation must have been. I felt small and humbled before the Greatness of God.

As I looked down on our little city of San Luis Obispo, I realized what a narrow view I often take. I don't always understand why things happen the way they do because I can't see the big picture. Even from the highest point around, I still couldn't really see the whole thing. Just a small slice of the pie. I can't see across the ocean or over the mountains, or even around the corner. Then again, I don't have to. All I have to do is put my trust in the One who can.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.

Proverbs 3:5-6