Sunday, April 01, 2007


This weekend was beautiful and it finally seems like Spring is here to stay. All sorts of creatures were out today. Joshua and I went for a long walk and saw everything from butterflies to deer. We decided to explore some deer stands along the edge of the woods. Aside from hunting deer, they make great spots to just sit and take in the view. Joshua thinks they make cool forts too. We weren't even in the first deer stand 30 seconds before a deer ran right by us. We ended up seeing quite a few deer before we made it back home. The best part was that neither one of us picked up any ticks. (Just in case you were wondering, Mom.)

Yesterday, we spent some time visiting the kids at the orphanage (Their ages range from 13 to 16). We try to go every Saturday and spend a few hours playing games, doing our best to communicate, and basically just witnessing to them by how we live our lives. We always leave feeling blessed and looking forward to the next week. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent our time there playing on the swings and kicking around a soccer ball. The kids there don't speak English and we go armed with only a few Hungarian words, but somehow we always manage to have a good time. We are constantly amazed at how we all seem to understand each other. Language is never a barrier when it comes to God's Love.

We learned the hard way that Hungarians play the card game Uno a little differently and more aggressively than we're use to. They really get into it. We still aren't exactly sure what the rules are but they let us know if we put the wrong cards down and we always end up laughing til our sides hurt.

(From left to right) Monika, Jordan (from the college), Sylvi, Allison (from the college), Cheela, and Edna.

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Kevin said...

You both are awesome! Have a wonderful Easter.


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