Sunday, November 11, 2007

Snow, Church, and Ballet

Dominic and Joshua
Dominic and Joshua on the way to church

Coming from California, I never imagined that I would one day be trekking through the snow with my family to get to church (where they don't speak English) and then catch a ballet performance. That's exactly what we did tonight. The funny thing is that it all seems normal now. Even the part where we all cram into a van that has twice as many people in it than it has seats, feels normal. (That part never was strange for me at least. We had them in the Army. They were bigger and we packed even more people into them. We called them "cattle cars".)

Crafts with Miss Edna
Crafts with Miss Edna

After church tonight our friend, Fedir, treated us all to a night of ballet. We stayed as long as Maxime and Joshua could keep from running all over the theater (about 20 minutes). It was an interesting evening and the ballet was one more thing that I can say that I never thought I'd see. Life is full of surprises in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Ballet

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