Wednesday, April 23, 2008

San Francisco for a Ukrainian Visa

San Francisco
Edna accompanied by Joshua in a San Francisco park

Today we drove to San Francisco so that we could go to the Ukrainian Embassy in the morning to get Edna a new visa (She had to reapply because her passport had to be renewed). We decided to spend the afternoon exploring some of the city. Please pray that everything goes smoothly for Edna's visa. We are hoping that she will get one that is longer than just a year.

San Francisco
What? I was clearly under a child's supervision at the time of the photo.

San Francisco
Interestingly enough, we came across a Ukrainian Orthodox church on the walk back to our motel. Small world.

San Francisco
San Francisco is such a colorful city. Everywhere we turned we saw brightly colored rainbow flags lining the streets. Isn't Hawaii supposed to be the rainbow state?

The Scream
Joshua pondering the rising cost of gasoline


Anya said...

i thought san francisco had rainbows everywhere because there's so many gays there (?)

Jake said...

Anya, of course not. They just really like colorful flags.

So what is the price of gas these days? Over here it is near 6 gr. for a liter, that is just under five bucks a gallon. For once I am happy we don't have a car!

Greg & Edna Silva said...

Sorry it took so long to reply.

We were thinking about a "take back the rainbow" campaign. What do you think? :)