Thursday, July 31, 2008

Visit to Chernihiv

In Chernihiv with Jake, Anya, and Maia
Lunch in the Yard

On Monday we traveled to Chernihiv to spend a few days with Jake and Anya Knotts and their daughter Maia (also of Calvary Chapel San Luis Obispo). Jake is the pastor of a church he planted in Chernihiv and Anya is Ukrainian. I only mention that because Joshua was shocked to discover that Anya wasn't an American. He just assumed that she had done a good job of learning Ukrainian and Russian. Joshua had a good time entertaining Maia too, or was it the other way around?

Dominic, Jake, Conor, Reenie, Chris, Anya, Edna and Koren

Jake and Anya made us feel so welcome in their home and Jake was kind enough to add a ton of programs to our computer and give us some great tips on maximizing its potential. Thanks again Jake. They also showed us around the city and took us up in the bell tower of one of the Orthodox churches in Chernihiv. Edna, who's afraid of heights, was the only one not excited about that. Of course Dominic and Joshua were even more inthralled when Jake gave us a tour of the catacombs where the Orthodox monks are buried. Edna was a little more at ease in the tunnels than in the bell tower. At least her feet were on the ground.

Catacombs of Chernihiv
The Catacombs of Chernihiv

I think the highlight of our time there was when we decided to drive out to Slavutych. It is a city like no other in Ukraine. It was constructed to replace the city of Prypyat which was abandoned after the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station accident. The city of Slavutych was literally carved out of the forest and had people living in it less than two years after construction began. It feels artificial compared to other Ukrainian cites as though you were walking around on a giant movie set. I'll post more about this unique city later.

It's always nice to visit other cities and see what God is doing there, but it's an even greater blessing to be able fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ who joyfully labor to share God's Love and to make His Word known to all. Thanks again guys.


Danny and Liese said...

did you guys feel the special "aura" in the catacombs? Some guy on the train once told me that it is such a spiritual place that you can feel its aura. I don't know if he is right because I haven't been back to check since I talked to him.

Greg and Edna Silva said...

Nope, no auras. Just the damp smell of mildew. Maybe that guy from the train was breathing in some of the spores. That might make you feel a special aura. I don't know, maybe I just wasn't paying attention. Anyway, it was a really cool place with an interesting history.