Saturday, September 13, 2008

Seeds! Rain, Snow, or Shine

Seed Ladies
Selling seeds (насіння), all day, every day

Over the last year we've watched these women near our home who sell seeds, in particular, roasted sunflower seeds (my personal favorite). They also sell cigarettes, one at a time, and various plastic bags for all your shopping needs. The black unsalted sunflower seeds are a Ukrainian favorite. It's not hard to find someone selling these black little gems just about anywhere you go from sun up until late in the evening. I admire how tough these women are to sit through rainstorms, blowing snow, and blazing hot sun to sell seeds. Each one of these women also pack a stick that they don't hesitate to use on the incredibly bold pigeons who will often fly up and dip into the profits. Joshua calls the sticks "ho-lube (pigeon) whackers".

Seed Ladies
Seed Ladies
Seed Ladies
Seed Ladies


Anonymous said...

Hey, I remember the food store through the red doors. WE shopped there for our going away party for kaseys groupa.


Greg and Edna Silva said...

Hi Scott,

Good eye! That store there is called "Наш Край". We shop there quite a bit.