Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Prayer Request

My mother, Ann

When we think about making sacrifices to follow Christ's command to leave home and family to share the Gospel, what often comes to mind is culture shock and the lifestyle we have left behind. Most people visualize the physical sacrifices missionaries must make, but I've found that all the blessings we gain by sharing God's Word far exceed any of these minor inconveniences. It's the family we have left behind that often tug at our hearts more than any cravings of a lifestyle we once enjoyed or culture we once embraced. This is especially true when we know that one of our family members is sick or in need of our comfort. Thousands of miles of sea and land divide us and we know that we just can't jump in the car (even if we had one) and drive there when we're needed. We have to trust that God will keep them and show them the comfort that we are physically unable to provide them with.

My mother, Ann, is our biggest source of encouragement and we are so thankful for the ways in which she shows us Christ in her words and actions. She has suffered quietly for many years with spinal problems that cause her to be in severe debilitating pain. We are asking that all of you would please pray for her as she is being evaluated as a possible candidate for surgery. Please pray for the wisdom and guidance of the doctors and for her healing in the times to come. Thank you.


Little Viky said...

You got it. I will.

Greg and Edna Silva said...

Thanks, Vika. It's nice to know that there are others praying for her. :)