Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I've been Tagged!

Old Edna

Well, I am finally getting around to posting the 7 weird/random things about me since I was tagged by Ira. The rules for this tag are posted below. I think this kind of thing is really fun so thanks for the tag!

1.) I *LOVE* cleaning. Seriously. I enjoy cleaning my house or anyone else's house for that matter. I almost never mind doing it. In fact, I like to clean when I have a lot on my mind because it is good stress relief for me.

2.) All of the plants I have ever had have died within a few weeks of getting them. I try really hard to take good care of them and they always die. For my birthday in December, I received several plants as a gift (my request). Already one has died and the others aren't looking too good.

3.) When I was 3 years old I fell out of the window of our 2 story house and landed on the hood of the car down below. My parents said they had never run so fast in their lives. When they found me, I was crying because I had landed on a bee. Thankfully, I was not hurt.

4.) I like to smell things. To me, everything has a scent and I like to find out what it is. I even like the smell of plastic and gasoline. Sometimes my family catches me smelling something and they laugh and say, "Mom, did you just smell that?" I thought I was unique until I found out that my Grandma in Croatia does the exact same thing! I had bought a bottle of (unscented) glass cleaner there in Croatia when I was visiting her last. I didn't plan on taking it home, so I gave it to her. She looked at it carefully and then smelled it. We all started laughing hysterically!

5.) I am the most clumsy person I know. I trip on flat surfaces and bumpy ones too. I don't need a reason to trip and fall. I just do. All the time. Along with my clumsiness, I often spill things or break glasses. All on accident. Nonetheless, we have gone through a few sets of drinking glasses.

6.) I like to be silly. Really silly. Usually only at home where I am most comfortable. I like to play around with my boys and we can be pretty goofy together. Dominic told me the other day, "Mom, I am going to tell the kids at school that I have a weird Mom!". We try to include Greg into our silliness but he is too serious. :)

7.) I am really scared of heights. Unreasonably so. I even get scared walking over a bridge. I am not sure why, but every time I am on some high height, I am convinced that I will fall somehow.

So, now you all know how strange I am! And I guess I need to tag some more people. So, I tag:

Marianna Peipon
Bryan Stupar
Christy Claycamp
Benjamin Morrison
Conor McNamee
Koren McNamee
Elyisa Larson


Tracy said...

Hey Edna!!
I loved reading your fun facts :) You and your family are so great!! I pray you are doing well and staying warm! Lots of love!

Little Viky said...

Nice post! We have more in common than I thought we had:-) It includes smelling and being clumsy.
By the way, Conor is already tagged twice (by 2 of us) so he simply must do it!!!

Carochka said...

I love the pic of you by the sign...and I know right where that is! That shop is owned by a friend of mine...ha! Whose name I can't remember right now! ha! But she knows mine if you stop by...she used to have a great consignment clothes store in SLO. Great list, too!