Monday, March 16, 2009

Playground Restoration Project Update

Maryna Working on the Playground
Maryna was eager to do some work on the playground

Due to rain/snow, we had to postpone our playground project until April 11th and 12th. Although some of the children have already been helping me to uncover the border around the playground. They have all said that they want to help out so I need to make sure I have enough paint brushes when the time comes.

Several arguments have arisen among the girls as to who gets the privilege of using the shovel and for how long. Looks like we won't have to bribe the children with candy after all. ;)

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Ira said...

Sounds like heaven, Greg. There everyone will be fighting for a broom. =)

So good and exciting to hear new things from you guys! Especially about Maxime's relatives. So awesome that you can serve them! I'm sure, the very fact that you know what Woman's Day is already warms their hearts! =)

Love from the McIntoshes