Thursday, April 16, 2009

Caught Red Handed (as well as blue, green, and yellow)

Maxime painting the sand box
Maxime painting the sandbox for the little kids

Today, I continued working on the playground with the help of the neighborhood children. All of their parents love the fact that the playground is getting fixed up, but I'm not sure how they feel about their children being covered in paint each day. No one has complained yet. In fact, one of the mothers gave me and Edna a box of chocolate and told us how much she appreciated us fixing up the playground.

Oksana working on the horse
Oksana finishing up the Ukrainian Horse on Tuesday (She still has blue hands)

Ukrainian Horse
Dasha, Masha, Yuliya, and Maryna posing by the horse

Anyway, all the kids love working on the playground. I do the repairs and they do as much painting as I'll let them. Apparently kids here never get the chance to paint. The adults won't let them. The word has gotten out that I'm handing kids paint brushes and paint and turning them loose on the playground. This has led to kids I've never seen before showing up and asking to paint. One girl today came from over a mile away in a different neighborhood to get a chance to fling some paint around. Another girl actually made an appointment with me to paint after she gets out of school tomorrow. I had to promise here a time slot and color. She wants to paint something blue. Is painting really that fun?

Leeza takning a turn
Leeza taking a turn painting

Dasha painting
Dasha being very careful

Masha painting
Dasha's twin sister Masha completing the sandbox


benjamin morrison said...

guys, that is so cool! makes me want to do something like that here! when are you coming for a visit? ;) hey can you give me the number of the AMC, btw?

Greg and Edna Silva said...

When you say coming for a visit, does that mean we have to paint? We'd love to come visit you guys one of these days. Maybe this summer once we get back from CA or in the fall.

Edna sent the number for AMC via SMS to your phone.