Thursday, August 27, 2009

Halyna and Her Gentle Tooth Repair

Halyna, the Gentle Dentist
Joshua under the care of Halyna the Dentist

Today we took Joshua to a local dentist that came highly recommended by some friends of ours. She was very nice and did a good job of making Joshua's tooth look like new again. It only took about twenty minutes and was done in a comfortable little office that had been converted from a first floor apartment. It was also well lit. This may seem an unusual thing to comment about, but we have experienced some pretty dark public buildings and hospitals. It's not uncommon to walk down completely dark hallways with only a small crack of light escaping from a closed door to illuminate your way. So yes, it was a very pleasant experience for all of us and the cost was very reasonable.

Joshua at the Dentist
Outside the dentist office

No more chipped tooth
Good as new (if you haven't seen the before picture, you can click HERE)

Molly and Her Gentle Tooth
(This has nothing to do with Joshua's tooth, but I've always liked this photo of street art in Kyiv.)

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