Sunday, September 13, 2009

Please Pray for Maxime

Maxime, Lusya, and Kristina
Maxime, Lusya, and Kristina last week at the Children's Festival

Early this morning Maxime's father, Andriy, died of liver failure. He was thirty-six years old. Maxime has spent the whole day with us and is spending the night tonight, trying to keep from thinking about what happened. He went with us to church and did his best not to let anyone see him cry, but he's really struggling to deal with his emotions right now. He said the hardest part will be trying to go to sleep when all he can think about is his father.

Please keep Maxime in your prayers and also his mother Vera, who also came very close to dying this past year. This could be a turning point in both of their lives. Pray that God will use it for His glory and comfort them as He draws them near to Him.


The Larson Family said...

Very sad news, We will pray for him right now, and for his Mom and as you said, that something can turn a corner for them, and God to get the Glory in all.

Greg and Edna Silva said...

Thank you so much Ethan. This little guy really needs prayer right now. Sometimes I think it can't get any worse for him and then it does.