Monday, October 05, 2009

A Walk in the Park with Friends

Edna, Valya, Olya, and Dominic
Edna, Valya, Olya, and Dominic in Park Oleksandria

On Saturday, our friends from Chernihiv came over to visit and spend the night with us here in Bila Tserkva after visiting a nearby orphanage. We had so much fun with these two crazy girls. The church in Chernihiv is fortunate to have them. I'm sure they're a blessing to the body of believers there.

Valya and Olya with a Chinese Woman
Valya and Olya with a famous Chinese woman

On Sunday morning before church, we took them on a short tour of the park nearly walking Valya to death (but she still had fun). The Fall colors in the park are more spectacular each day.

Edna, Olya, Dominic, Joshua, and Valya
Edna, Olya, Dominic, Joshua, and Valya enjoying the view.

Valya and Olya
Of course we couldn't let them leave without getting their picture with Taras, our hedgehog.

Thanks guys for all the laughter you filled our home with.


Olya Velichko said...

Thank you guys again for everything!! We had such an awesome time with you all!!!

Greg and Edna Silva said...

We will let you know when we are planning a trip up there so we can visit with you both again. :)


Carochka said...

"Oh! THERE is 'the hedgehog'! They were looking for him. :)