Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Reunion with Friends

David, Edna, Will, and Ira

Yesterday we had our friends David Mole and Will and Ira McIntosh over for lunch. David came all the way from Florida and Will and Ira drove over from Morro Bay. We spent time with all of them in Ukraine, but hadn't all been together since then.

We had a great time reminiscing about all things Ukrainian. I think Ira, our Ukrainian national, really liked the green borshch I made. I've never seen someone eat raw shchavel, the bitter main ingredient, so eagerly. I did my best to make everything just like Baba Olya would have. Thanks guys for a fun time and for keeping our hearts still longing for Ukraine.

"Seriously, don't touch my borshch!"

1 comment:

Ira said...

Don't touch my borsch...or my tomatoes!!! =)
It was a blast. Hope we can do it again soon. You guys should come down here - it's waaaay too hot up there!