Friday, January 05, 2007

Missions Conference

We just got back from four days at a missions conference at Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta. The campus there was beautiful beyond our expectations. Everyone we met was so friendly and helpful. The messages that the various missionaries shared were amazing and extremely encouraging. We listened with tears in our eyes to the stories of how God is working around the world.

We expected to make new friends and bonds at the conference and we did, but some of the bonds were unexpected. Our children surprised us by making their own bonds. We thought that they might get tired of all the time they had to spend in classrooms, but it was just the opposite. We often had to drag them away from their new friends and had to listen to them beg to go hang out with them durring any free time. We felt so blessed to see our children become so interested and passionate about the missions field. They eagerly repeated the stories to us that they had heard from their friends about places like Brasil and Hungary. We were truly blessed in ways we had never expected.

Abraham and Joshua wanted to go everywhere together after they met in their class.

Dominic made several new friends who all spent hours together creating Lego empires.

The last night was the hardest when Joshua had to say goodbye to Abraham and his sister Bethany who had come up from Brasil.

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