Monday, February 05, 2007

Vajta, Hungary

Yesterday was our first day in Vajta, Hungary. We got in late Saturday night so Edna and I decided to walk to the village and see what it looked like in the day time. We walked to the center of Vajta which seemed to be just a post office and a war memorial for its citizens who were killed in World War I and II. On our way back we noticed that most residents of this small village still get their water the old fashioned way. They lower a bucket down the well in their yard and bring up fresh water. We even saw a couple out for a Sunday stroll with their horse and cart. The area around here is beautiful and we are so blessed to be here. Joshua has already made a friend named Sean who seems to be a perfect match for his abundant energy and curiosity. They spent the day exploring the grounds and looking for German and Soviet souvenirs left over from the war and occupation. Sean even has a little dog that follows him everywhere. They named her Lassie because of her undaunted loyalty to him. Dominic has also been making friends and has, like Joshua, seemed to settle in quickly. I’ll post more pictures when I can.

Joshua and Sean have become new best friends.


bryan said...

its great to hear you made!!!
we are praying for you guys.

Greg said...

Thanks Bryan. It helps to know that our family in SLO is with us in prayer.

Yon said...

Hello Friends,

We have not met previously. My name is Yon Hardisty. I am the son of John P. Hardisty. I believe we are cousins.

My Dad was not able to leave a message at the moment. So, he asked me to pass along his love and see if he ( through me ) could receive an updated email address for you. One that you are using while you travel.

I have enjoyed reading about your travels just now as well. Have fun!

My email is 'yon' at 'mbyte' dot com. I will keep an eye out for your email and pass it right along to him.

Sometime, when you are in the SF Bay, drop me a line and we can have coffee. Always interested to meet new family :)