Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Back to School

School No. 16

School No. 16
School No. 16

Dominic and Joshua spent their first day at school yesterday. They both seemed to like their classes and the kids in their classes. Edna met with their teachers and after school she went to a parent teacher meeting. I spent the day at Baba Hanya’s helping harvest potatoes, but I got home just in time to watch Joshua doing his homework. Oksana, from downstairs, helped Joshua with some of his work. Then Edna helped Oksana with her English homework while Joshua and Dominic helped Maxime with his English homework in their bedroom.

What we like best is that both the boys go to the second session of school. They go to school at 12:30pm and get home between 4:00pm and 6:00pm. This schedule seems to work well so far. We are just excited that the school allowed them in and the teachers are being so nice. The only problem Dominic has is a P.E. teacher who refuses to speak Ukrainian and only speaks Russian (even though it is against school rules). Dominic has two foreign languages classes, Russian and English. He seems to be doing pretty good in English. Joshua is also doing quite well in his English class. He's teaching the kids in his class (as well as his teacher) all kinds of interesting new English phrases.

English Homework

English Homework with Maxime

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