Monday, September 24, 2007

Chernihiv Conference

This weekend Dominic and I went to the church conference in the small village of Shestovytsya near Chernihiv. It was hosted by the church in Chernihiv that’s pastored by Jake Knotts.

Edna and Joshua stayed behind as Joshua was just getting over an ear infection and Edna was just starting to get a bad cold. Dominic and I had a good time meeting new people and hanging out with people we hadn’t seen in awhile. We met lots of Ukrainians and foreigners from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and even our home town of San Luis Obispo. Except for being a little cold, the weather was beautiful and Yura from Kaharlyk kept us well fed.

It was great to be encouraged by all that God is doing here in Ukraine and to have fellowship with others who desire to see God’s Kingdom grow. (It was also cool to see the Napoleon Dynamite skit at the talent show.) We ended our time at the summer camp/conference center by getting a ride from Yura in the yellow Kaharlyk biodiesel van to Kyiv.

You can check out Danny Foote’s blog to see more pictures of the conference.

So Cold
Dominic trying to get warm.

Food Inspector
Dominic inspecting the food.

Drinking Water
Some of the kids fighting over the only source of fresh water, until...

Water Pressure
the water pressure suddenly rose and Conor dashed in to save them.

No conference would be complete without a bonfire.

Maia and Jake
Maia and Jake. Please pray for Maia. She had to go into the hospital that night with a viral infection.

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