Saturday, June 20, 2009



A few hours ago, I was downloading some pictures from my camera when I heard the unmistakable sound of a car impacting something just outside the house we are staying in here in Visalia. Edna called 911 while I ran for the car with my camera in hand. (This is actually the second time that a car has rolled in front of the house here so we knew the drill.) I snapped a photo as I ran across the road. I was relieved to see a shaken, but seemingly unhurt, young girl emerge through a broken window. I had her lay flat on the ground while a neighbor helped me assess her condition. Edna helped her make a phone call to her mother and calm her down while we waited for an ambulance.

Waiting for an Ambulance
Edna and a neighbor helping to notify the girl's family before the ambulance arrived

The 23-year-old girl had apparently lost control of her car causing it to go into a spin and impact a tree. Her car impacted the tree backwards at an angle that caused it to flip over. Hitting the tree like that probably kept her from sustaining serious injuries. All of us were thankful that God had brought this girl through what could have been a serious accident and are praying that she had no unseen injuries.



I’m sure that seat belts and airbags factor into things, but I’m still amazed at God’s ability and willingness to protect our fragile bodies according to His will.

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Carochka said...

Wow! Didn't something like this happen to you guys last time you were in the US? I mean you were around when there was a car accident? Maybe it is your new ministry! :)Praying for accidents.