Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Three More Years!

Ukrainian Visa
Edna's visa that is valid for three years

On Tuesday morning we went to the Ukrainian Consulate in San Francisco expecting to receive a one year visa for Edna. The government had only approved her for a one year visa, but we had gotten a three year invitation letter. They were really nice to us at the consulate office and told Edna she could have a three year visa since she had a three year invitation letter. We were really blessed since this means we won't have to travel to a consulate office or embassy outside of Ukraine for three years or pay the fee to renew her visa. (The boys and I already had five year visas so now we are all set until 2012.) Praise God!


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I am enjoying your blog. We are hoping to adopt two little ones from Pryluky this year. I am enjoying all your photos.