Sunday, May 06, 2007

May Flowers

We had a huge thunderstorm yesterday and last night. It dumped a large amount of rain that was desperately needed around here. I was surprised to see that it looked as if everything turned green overnight. Flowers seemed to have sprung up and bloomed as soon as the sun came out. Dominic and I headed out to investigate this morning and take a few pictures. He took me to a place that the kids around here have nicknamed Dinosaur Valley. We hiked through fields of knee high wet grass to find this strange looking area. We finally came to a spot where the land seems to fall away sharply and is dominated by randomly scattered mounds of earth covered by flowing green grass. The entire area is concealed by a dense covering of flowering trees that add to the mystery.

Dominic sitting at the edge of Dinosaur Valley.

Looking towards the village of Palfa.

So what do you do when your pants are soaked and your shoes are muddy and the only way into the house is past a wife who has a passion for cleanliness?

You bring flowers of course.


Greg & Edna Silva said...

You're so sweet, honey. :)

Jake and Anya Knotts said...

it's very cool to hear updates on what you guys are doing!