Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mobile Medical Clinic

During our trip to Bila Tserkva we were able to participate in a Mobile Medical Clinic run by God's Hidden Treasures. The Mobile Medical Clinic goes out to villages and provides free medical care to people who otherwise wouldn't be treated. It's a chance to meet the physical as well as spiritual needs of the people from the villages. Each person is examined by a nurse and a doctor from GHT who then treats, writes prescriptions, and makes recommendations for further treatment. After this, each person receives prayer and has the opportunity to have the Gospel shared with them. A Russian or Ukrainian bible is offered to them and they are encouraged to read it.

During our visit, not a single person refused prayer. Often they would tell us about their family members who they also wanted us to pray for. We were saddened by some of the situations that some of the women were living in. Some were struggling widows, some were beaten by their husbands, and some were suffering from diseases that left untreated would be fatal. Everyone was so nice to us when they found out we were Americans and were planning on living in Ukraine. One woman told me that she had never met an American before and was so happy that we wanted our children to learn the Ukrainian language. She started crying and told us how beautiful it was to be able to hear Ukrainian spoken. She said that our boys were welcome to come to her house any time and drink milk from her cow.

The building we were in is normally used for emergency medical treatment, but was not set up to treat patients on a regular basis or provide routine treatment. As an emergency center there were a few nurses and staff standing by, just not for treating non-emergency patients. It was when we were packing up and leaving that one of these nurses walked up to us. She looked around nervously at her co-workers who were standing nearby and then asked if we could pray for her. She said that she had seen how our prayers affected the patients and that she was in need of prayer too. She cried as we prayed for her and then asked if she could have a Russian bible to take home and read. The whole situation took me by surprise and made me realize that our actions can often be a greater witness than our words. It was a perfect end to an amazing day.

Nadia and Tamara preparing to do examines.

Everyone taking a lunch break.

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Danny and Liese said...

Hi guys! I just read a book that was a really good introduction to Russian vs. Western culture. It is called "western saints in holy russia" and if you guys could somehow get a copy of it I think it would help you a lot in learning about the culture here and how to form relationships with people.

Sorry that we didn't meet up this last week, you'd already left and I had a bunch of stuff going on. Next time!