Saturday, May 12, 2007

Tea Parties and Bonfires

The women decided to have a tea party yesterday. It was made quite clear that no men were invited. The guys here felt left out, so we decided to do something just for the men. Obviously we couldn't wear funny hats and sip tea. So it was decided, a bonfire. The biggest bonfire we could make without setting surrounding buildings on fire. Unfortunately the weather was hot and sticky so no one really wanted to get close to the fire. (In our excitement to have a bonfire of grand proportions, we actually used all the wood we had. It was a short bonfire, but it burned bright, for awhile.) Undaunted, we stripped off our shirts and tossed around a football like men are supposed to do. This wasn't the smartest thing since no one could actually see the football until it struck them in the face. We were, however, undeterred from continuing in our exercise of male bonding, even when the football landed in the fire, twice.

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