Friday, August 24, 2007

Independence Day

Joshua and Anya sporting their Ukrainian colors

We celebrated Ukrainian Independence Day (16 years) today by going to the amusement park in the center of the city. We took a neighbor girl named Anya with us and let her talk us into riding some pretty scary rides. The first ride looked tame enough, but Joshua and Dominic wisely decided to sit it out. When the ride that I thought looked like a kiddy ride began to violently fling us up in the air and side to side, I remembered something. The emphasis here is on fun, not safety. As I clung to the thin bar across my lap that was supposed to keep me from being flung to the concrete below, I realized how much fun I was having. Unfortunately I got carried away with the moment and let Anya talk me into going on "Storm". The ride took us high up into the air suspended by chains and various cables and then dropped us, not once but twice. Thanks Anya.

Me and Anya on Storm

Joshua and Dominic thinking I was crazy for listening to Anya

We went on a few more rides, but I stayed away from the ones Anya recommended. I talked Edna into riding on the giant Ferris Wheel. She regretted that. As she put it, she has an irrational fear of heights. After peeling Edna's hands free from the metal on her seat, we watched some of the youth that were singing and performing in the middle of the park. We stayed at the park until the heat and humidity wore us out. We're looking forward to all the fireworks tonight.

Joshua and Edna on a little coaster

Anya and Joshua on the spinning swings (Edna and I were on there too)

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