Saturday, August 18, 2007

Scrap Metal is Money

Joshua leaving after completing his transaction (you can see the scrap metal lady in the top of the photo)

We questioned Joshua one day as to how he had money to buy ice cream from the store next door. He explained that he saw some metal laying in the road one day and decided to sell it to the scrap metal dealer across the street. He said it was easy. You just ring the buzzer, the lady comes out, weighs your metal, and gives you your money. He has reasoned (and we can't come up with a good argument against it) that selling discarded scrap metal is a good honest way to make extra money. People will often discard metal by just leaving it by the side of the building or throwing it out in the street. We've decided to let Joshua continue his entrepreneurial practices as long as we can monitor his transactions. We were able to snap a few pictures as the deal went down today. We're just glad that Joshua is willing to part with all the "treasures" he finds outside. He's a bit of a junk collector and trader of unique trinkets. I guess he gets that from me. You should see all the cool stuff I traded for in Mongolia. (No Ken, it wasn't a booster charge for an RPG, just the container for one.)

Click here to see video of where Joshua sells his scrap metal

Joshua holding up the earnings from his latest transaction

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Carol said...

I just love reading your stories..They are so informative and funny...I love the ones about my Grandsons and their friend Maxim and Boris is such a Ham..Lots of love to you all.Mom/Grandma