Friday, August 17, 2007

Day at the River

Maxime, Dominic, Joshua, Edna, and Boris

After almost a month, we finally got our computer working. The only issue we have now is that most of our programs are in Russian. No worries though. We need to learn Russian as well as Ukrainian anyway.

Last week we took Maxime with us down to the river to barbeque shashlyk. We all had a great time including our dog Boris who never leaves our side. The best part was the night before we went to the river. We had invited Maxime to go with us, but we were still waiting to hear back from him. We were sitting in our room when we heard a little voice from outside call up to us. We looked outside and there was Maxime and his mother. We were having a hard time understanding what she was saying so we told them they could come up to our place. We were all shocked at how friendly Vera, Maxime’s mom, was. She came in and hugged each of us and told us how happy she was that we had invited Maxime to go with us. We hope that Maxime will get to hang out with us more often. We all love having him around and he has been helping us with our Ukrainian. Maxime has even picked up a few words of English. The only words he knew when we met him were “jingle bells”, but it came out as “chickum bells”.

Maxime couldn't wait for the shashlyk to be done

Swimming with Boris

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