Thursday, August 21, 2008

Going Green

Dominic and Maxime painting
Dominic and Maxime making the world a little greener

We decided to go green today after Maxime's dad said it was OK to paint the new and improved fence. Red was Maxime's first choice but the store was out of red (along with all the other colors except green) so trusty green it was. All three boys helped me paint so they all had a part in making the fence look like new.

Dominic and Maxime painting the fence
I just kept thinking, "Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer".

Maxime's dad, Andriy, was working on removing their old heating system so he asked me to help him. Again, God seems to be opening up doors with Maxime's parents. As we struggled to remove the old furnace from the kitchen, Andriy told me a little about his time in the Army. He went into the Soviet Army, but ended up in the Ukrainian Army as the Soviet Union dissolved. He also said that he was a dog handler. I hope these opportunities to work together keep coming up as they are an answer to prayer.

Vera, Maxime, and Joshua after we finished the fence
Vera, Maxime, and Joshua

Maxime's mom, Vera, was very grateful for the work we did on the fence and was really surprised at how nice it came out. It's amazing what a little paint can do and how a little bit of kindness can change hearts.

The boys looking at the fence
Finally finished
Before and After

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Little Viky said...

This fence will never burn!