Friday, August 22, 2008

Old School / New School

New School 16
New School No. 16

We recently found out that a new School No. 16 would be opening its doors for First Bell on September 1st. It will specialize in natural sciences and mathematics. The school isn't yet completed so only a few of the grades, including Joshua's, will be making the move. Dominic will still attend the old School No. 16 until next year. The new school is bigger and even a little closer to where we live than the older one. Joshua is excited about school now and so are we after seeing how nice it is. Today, we slipped in among the construction to get a sneak peek.

New School 16New School 16New School 16

New School 16 under construction in April of 2007
The new School No. 16 under construction in April of 2007

The difference between the two schools is amazing. The old school has the look and feel of a Soviet institution complete with the bust of a Soviet Army soldier, M. O. Kyrylenko, who was killed nearby while defending Bila Tserkva against the "fascist German aggressors" (the new school also bears his name). The floors are made from warped planks of wood and the layers of paint covering everything are nearly immeasurable. The school is still well maintained and clean, but very out dated.

Inside old School 16
Notice the Soviet decor of the old school

The new school is beautiful and is a reflection of an Independent Ukraine we should be proud of.

Inside new School 16
The Ukrainian National Anthem and another plaque still have protective plastic over them in the new school

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