Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Home from Hungary

Joshua, Bohdan, and Dominic
Joshua, Bohdan, and Dominic "We want you to know Jesus!"

Yesterday, we returned home after spending just over a week in Hungary at the Calvary Chapel Bible College and at Edna's Grandmother's in Croatia. We traveled by bus and it seemed to us that it was a little more comfortable than the train and much cheaper. At just over 20 hours of travel time from Kyiv to Budapest, it was also faster than the train.

All of us enjoyed our time at the Bible College in Vajta. It was so good to hear from the different speakers who spoke during speakers week and to see all of our old friends. I was grateful to be able to share with everyone about how God is working here in Bila Tserkva. We were excited to meet the two Ukrainian students at the Bible College, Bohdan and Maryna. Joshua especially seemed to bond with Bohdan who helped Joshua keep his Ukrainian sharp. We are looking forward to seeing Bohdan and Maryna over the Christmas break. They treated us to some Ukrainian worship music before we left the college to go to Croatia for four days, so we felt almost at home there.

Joy and Edna
Joy and Edna being strong in weakness

We were encouraged by the news of what God is doing all over the world in places like Iraq, Poland, India, Ireland, and many other places. We were also encouraged by all the new friends we met at the Bible College and the testimonies they shared with us about how God is working in their lives. God is so great in all the ways that He uses us.

Dominic and Szabolcs
Dominic getting in some pool between speakers

We often wondered where it was that Joshua would disapear to after meals. We soon discovered that he was helping Bohdan wash dishes in the dish room in the basement.

Bohdan supervising Joshua
Bohdan and Joshua washing dishes

Joshua, Bohdan, and Judah
Joshua and Judah in the dish room with Bohdan. There are no child labor laws in Hungary so the missionaries send their children to work down in the basement to offset the costs of running the Bible College.

I'll be posting about our time with Edna's grandmother in Osijek, Croatia in the next post. God truly blessed our time with her.


Jake Knotts said...

Glad to hear you are back. Love the photos.

Jeni said...

It was so great to have you guys back!