Thursday, November 20, 2008

Weekend at Baka's (grandma's)

Joshua, Greg, Baka, Edna, and Edna
Outside of church last Sunday with Baka in Osijek, Croatia

After speakers week at the Bible College in Hungary, we were able to spend four days with Edna's Grandma, (Baka in Croatian). It was fun to spend time with her and communicate using Ukrainian. Baka only speaks Croatian, but a lot of words in Ukrainian are similar or the same in Croatian. At one point she was telling a neighbor how excited she was that we were speaking to her in Croatian. We learned to mix a few Croatian words in with Ukrainian to get our point across. It seemed to work out good enough for us to get by. It's just nice to know that the words for "I love you" are almost exactly the same in Croatian as they are in Ukrainian.

Old Osijek
A view of the old city wall from across the Drava River

With the help of Baka's neighbor Zlatko, who speaks English, we were able to share God's Word with her and its application for her life in Christ. We prayed together and agreed with Baka that we would read our Bibles together every evening. We will be reading a chapter from the book of John here in Ukraine as she reads the same chapter in John in Croatia. In this way we will be exploring God's Word together.

Dominic and Baka
Dominic and Baka

Joshua and Baka
Joshua (aka Mr. Magoo) and Baka

Baka and Edna
Baka and Ednitsa out for a walk in a village

Zlatko with his honey
Baka's neighbor Zlatko took us out to the home he built in a nearby village where he keeps his bees. Along with his wife Tanya and daughter Ana, we all enjoyed some Croatian style grilling. Zlatko also sent us home with three jars of that delicious honey in the picture.

Osijek on the Drava River
Looking towards the city center of Osijek from across the Drava River. The weather was beautiful and much warmer than Ukraine.

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Tiffany said...

What an incredible blessing to build a relationship with your Grandma and share Christ with her. God is so good!