Monday, November 03, 2008

University English Club

University English Club
Monday Evening English Club at the University

We held our third meeting this evening of our English Club at the city University here in Bila Tserkva. We have been blessed to have been given free use of the room for two hours with the full backing of the University. Edna and I are working with Ruslan and Anya Samohlebov, a local Christian couple, to run this latest English Club. Ruslan uses the first hour to teach English grammar while I use the second hour as a practical application of English in discussing moral dilemmas and ethical behavior. (Dominic and Joshua had the privilege of babysitting Nikita while we were gone.)

While we can't openly teach about the Bible, these moral discussions can often lead to relevant Biblical references. As Edna moves around the class helping out the students, we've noticed how she seems to be bonding with these young and impressionable girls (there's only one guy for now). They've already exchanged phone numbers and are talking about how they can all get together outside of the class room. Our prayer is that these young people will be won for Christ through the sincere building of relationships. God has been faithful in granting us another open door for reaching the youth of this city through English and we are grateful.

University English Club
Edna helping Marina translate some sentences into English while Anya helps another girl in the foreground.


Olya Velichko said...

I`ll be praying for your English club!! It`s great that there is a local couple that can be doing it with you!!

Greg and Edna Silva said...

Thanks Olya,
We need all the prayers we can get. God has shown us that we are most fruitful for His cause when we work together as brothers and sisters in Christ. We are truly seeing a team being built up here in Bila Tserkva as God provides for it.