Monday, October 16, 2006

Yesterday, I took our boys and two of our friend's children Geocaching again. Before we set out, my wife spent some time with the only girl in our Geocaching gang. For a short while, my wife wasn't the only girl in the household of us boys.

We finished our adventure of hunting for treasure with some ice cream at Foster's Freeze. Everyone had a good time as we talked about the caches we had found from Morro Bay to Los Osos.

We are all still trying to figure out what Joshua was thinking in this picture. So far, the best guess is that he just realized the ice cream he was eating was vanilla and not the chocolate he ordered. We also noticed that Arabella always seemed to be aware of when a picture was being taken and assume a fitting pose.

Joshua reminded me of something tonight just before I posted this. Our children's ears are always listening even when we don't realize it. Joshua was praying tonight and as he got done praying for "the starving children and homeless people to have food, water, and shelter" (spoken like the son of an Army survival class graduate), he added in "oh yeah, I almost forgot, but only if it be in your will God." I was shocked. I asked him why he said that. He said, "Because sometimes God lets us suffer a little bit so we can learn from it and make us stronger. Sometimes we don't know why, but God does and that's how he takes care of us." Again I was kind of shocked that he had that concept. I asked where he had heard that. He said, "I heard it from you Dad when you were praying in the car the other day." Joshua reminded me that our children learn best by example and that I should never hesitate to try to explain something even when I think it might be over his head.

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