Monday, October 23, 2006

Last night my wife and I took the kids to a concert in Pismo Beach. We returned home with signed posters, pins, hats, stickers, and two wide eyed boys who couldn't get to sleep. Dominic's favorite part was getting to hang out with the guys from Last Tuesday after they played. They were so awesome to take the time to talk and listen to one of their biggest fans. Joshua was excited because Jeremy from One Truth Clothing gave him a free vinly sticker with the One Truth logo for being such a loyal customer. Thanks Jeremy.
Last Tuesday opened, followed by John Reuben, Sanctus Real and Super Chick. It was an amazing concert, but I think we spent more time looking at the joy in our children's faces than watching the bands. I know it will be one of those memories that will follow them through-out their lives. (Dominic)"Hey, remember that time mom and dad took us to that concert with Sanctus Real?" (Joshua)"Yep, that was awesome."
We all had a late dinner at Burger King and realized just how late it was when they turned out the lights on us right after we got our food. "I guess we should make this one to-go guys." We were totally blessed to have such a great time together as a family.

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Edna said...

Yes, this concert was awesome! Who says Christians don't have more fun?! What is great is being able to show our sons that "Rock Stars" can be good role models.