Friday, July 20, 2007

Maxime’s Cousin

The other day Maxime (pronounced Mahk-seem) showed up at our door and asked if he could come in. Of course we told him he was welcome to come in and play with Legos. When he came in there was a new boy following him. We asked who this new boy was and Maxime said it was his cousin who was visiting. His cousin introduced himself as Vova and told us that he was 8 years old. Like Maxime, he was very polite, but wasted no time in getting down to business with Legos with Joshua and Maxime. We have come to believe that Legos have to be the most universal toy ever invented. (They can also be the most annoying when you step on them with bare feet at night or suck them up in the vacuum.) The most interesting part of seeing these cousins together was that Maxime speaks Ukrainian and Vova speaks Russian. Sometimes they would look at each other funny and have to try different words, but for the most part they had no problem understanding each other. I know most people are bilingual here, but it’s still strange to here conversations in two languages at the same time.

Anyway, the next day Maxime was over and he told us he had to go somewhere with his dad. He wasn’t very happy about it so we were wondering what could be so bad. About a half an hour later we discovered what was so terrible. Maxime returned with a nicely buzzed hair cut. He posed for this picture while he was playing with Edna’s phone.

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