Friday, July 06, 2007

Beware of Dead Cats

Today as we were having some tea with our friend David Mole who went to the Bible College with us, we noticed a cat outside our window. We all realized that this particular cat had been in the same spot since this morning. We came to the conclusion that it must be dead. Earlier in the morning we had seen the kids feeding the cat and Edna didn’t want them to realize that the cat had died. Joshua heard us talking and was upset to hear that the fluffy little cat had passed on. We elected Edna to go down and discretely dispose of the body before the kids at the playground noticed. We all watched from the kitchen window as she approached the deceased feline. She nudged at it with her foot and we could all see that it was stiff and lifeless. The plan was to bag the cat and drop it in a trash shoot without drawing the attention of the nearby children. Unfortunately this wasn’t in agreement with the cat who had been very soundly sleeping until Edna tried to put a bag over its head. The cat raised up trying to figure out why this crazy woman was bent on bagging it. All of us watching from the window thought it was pretty funny. Edna’s going to have to live with “letting the cat out of the bag” jokes for awhile now.

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