Monday, July 09, 2007

Day 1 of Vacation Bible School

Today was our first day at the Boys’ Home for the Mentally Disabled doing a week long Vacation Bible School. Today’s theme was Gideon’s Army. We were all surprised at how smooth it went for our first day. Hopefully it will continue that way. This is our second time at the Boys’ Home and it was a little easier on us emotionally. The boys’ ages range from 4 to in their early 20s. The total number of boys living in the facility is about 150. We were a little overwhelmed the first time we met them all. This time we will be working with a much smaller number due to the size of our team. Our VBS team has five people on it including me and Edna. Two people came from California and one from Virginia. Out of the 30 boys who are involved in the VBS, the youngest, Vova, is 5 and the oldest, Misha, is 21. We are all excited to see what this week holds for us at the Boys’ Home.

When we showed Dominic and Joshua some of the pictures from today, Dominic asked me a tough question. He said, “Dad, why did God make those children like that?” I had to pray about that one for awhile. Where is the love in a God who creates children who can never care for themselves? The best answer I could give him was that God made those children the way they are so that His love could be reflected in the people around these children. Without weakness how could we ever be true servants to the weak? How could the love that Christ has poured into us overflow if it had no where to go? In some way or another, we are all weak, but it is that very weakness that allows us to find strength in Christ Jesus.

"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness."
2 Corinthians 12:9

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Oksana said...

Hello Greg and Edna.

I found your blog address on Jake's blogspot. It was nice meeting you, guys, the other day at the festival. I hope and pray the Lord will be blessing your time with these boys. They are special and precious kids to the Lord created by His image as well (no matter how strange that may seem to us) just with some special needs. And He love them as equally as us.
May God bless you and reveal His goodness through the amazing work that you are doing.