Saturday, July 07, 2007

Franklin Graham Festival

Edna and Maria

We just got back from the Franklin Graham Festival in Kyiv. We’re all a little tired and wet since it rained most of the time, but we were blessed to witness all those who braved the rain to listen to the saving message of forgiveness in Christ. We noticed that many people didn’t have umbrellas or even a good jacket, yet they sat through the entire program. It was just amazing to witness how the simple truth of the Gospel can have such an effect on such a huge scale.

The four of us rode up with Maria, our language teacher, and her mother. Maria’s father, Fedir, was the Master of Ceremonies for the festival so it was kind of strange for us to see him up on the big monitors. Joshua thought that was pretty cool because he only knows Maria’s dad as the guy who is always trying to teach him Ukrainian words. We all like him a lot. He’s a great guy who has raised two wonderful Christian daughters.

Maria's dad

After the festival, we said good bye to our friend David from the Bible College who had met us at the festival before returning to Nizhyn. He introduced us to a girl named Oksana who lives in Kyiv but used to live in Nizhyn. She happens to be working on a project to get a playground built at a special needs center in Nizhyn and we have been following the progress as David relays it to us. It’s awesome to see the things God can do.

An outpouring of people and rain

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