Monday, July 16, 2007

Day 4 and 5 of Vacation Bible School

Misha putting some final touches on sour cherries

We finished the last day of the VBS and said good bye to all the boys there. Edna and I were amazed yet saddened to notice that some of the boys there seemed to have few if any problems. I couldn’t help but think how their lives could be so different if they had a family who loved and cared for them rather than an institution. Some of the boys there are orphans, but most were given up to the state because their families couldn’t or wouldn’t care for them. Even normal children would become “disabled” under the conditions of the institution. It makes you wonder what qualifies a person as mentally disabled here. Another disturbing fact is that most medication is given by injection. What’s disturbing about that is that hypodermic needles are in short supply and as a result are often reused. Hepatitis is therefore common among these children. There are so many things that can happen to a child in these institutions, but I’d rather focus on the ways we can bring light into these dark places. Please pray that we can continue to have access to these beautiful children.

Edna watching over the chalk drawings

Saying good bye to Vova

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