Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blessings and Answered Prayers

Children's Ministry
Joshua, Oksana, Kristina, Lusya, Zhenya, Maxime, and Dominic with Maria and Edna during Children's Ministry

We were happy to see God at work in so many ways today at church. Maxime has been spending his weekends in a village with his grandmother lately and we have really missed having him at church. This weekend he stayed home from the village and even spent a night at our house. We were glad to see him outside of our building with his Bible waiting to go to church with us today.

Our neighbor Oksana usually goes to her grandparents home in a nearby village on Sundays, but today her family stayed home. She came upstairs to our place before church to get some help on her English homework and she asked what time we would be going to church. We told her and to our joy she told us that she wanted to go with us. This is something that we have been praying for since we met her. God is faithful. Oksana seemed to really be listening to the teachings and having a good time. Please pray that she continues on the path that leads to life.

Anya singing to the sound of a bandura
We were treated to Anya singing to the music of a bandura today also.

Children's Ministry
The kids making turtles.

Maxime holding up his turtle that says, "Mattew 5:16, I will be a light."

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