Saturday, October 25, 2008

Passing and Prayer

Serhiy & Topeek
Serhiy and his dog Topeek heading home.

Earlier today, our friend Maria's great-uncle, Serhiy, left this world. We knew him from the times we visited the village where he lived to help harvest potatoes and it was earlier this year that we buried his sister, Baba Hanya. We will be holding a funeral service tomorrow in the village of Kozhenykiy. Please pray for Maria and her family as they shoulder the majority of the work and preparations to be done tonight and tomorrow. We are hoping to help in any way we can, but there is a lot to be done in a short time. Maria's mother Valentina has especially been overwhelmed with caring for Serhiy since his sister died and in his final days. Please pray that we will find ways to bring glory to God and share Christ with the people of the village there.

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