Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"The Little Path" Issue Zero

Tropinka (The Little Path)

We are excited to announce that the Christian children's magazine that we know as Ctezhynka in Ukrainian, little path, has been published as a trial issue in English. It will be published under the Russian name, Tropinka, The Little Path. Please go to www.tropinka.org where you can view this beautiful magazine page by page. The theme of this issue is appropriately enough, light. It will only be published in English on a regular basis if there is enough interest.

These great magazines are published here in Ukraine by Light in the East (Світло На Сході). You can click on this link Light in the East for a rough English translation of the site. The senior pastor of our church, Pavlo Mitichev, works with Light in the East in Kyiv so we are blessed to have access to their publications through him. These English versions are great for helping some of the children learn English in our Children's Ministry. Light in the East publishes many other books for all ages in Ukrainian and Russian. They also have a missions training program for equipping native Ukrainian missionaries as well as various other ministries for Christ.

The origin of Light in the East can be traced back to World War I Russian prisoners of war. They came in contact with German evangelists who taught them the saving knowledge of Jesus. These prisoners of war would eventually take this Gospel message back to what was to become the Soviet Union where these men literally became "lights in the east".

Ctezhynka and Tropinka
The English version will share works by some of the same great Ukrainian authors and illustrators as its Ukrainian counterpart.

If you know of a church that might be interested in these magazines, please contact :

Tropinka "Light in the East" Inc.
P.O. Box 326
Lake Forest, CA 92609

Email: svetvostoku@hotmail.com
Phone/Fax: (949) 458-6248

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