Friday, October 17, 2008

A Red Sea of Communists (by Edna)

Communist Protest
Communist demonstrators wave Soviet and even a few Russian flags in protest of the Day of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army

I traveled by myself to Kyiv Monday to purchase our bus tickets to the Calvary Chapel Bible College in November. Upon walking out of the metro on Independence Square, I was amazed by the large gathering of communists on the opposite side of the street. Cara told me the night before to bring my camera because there would be a protest. Boy, was she right! Cara gave me some background information regarding what was happening that day and then I did my own research here at home. It turned out to be the day chosen to commemorate the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA). The problem is that Soviet Army veterans don't want to recognize UPA veterans as legitimate war combatants due to their struggle against communism in Soviet Ukraine. It's interesting that the blue banners in the background say "Freedom" and the square they are protesting in is called Independence Square. How beautiful those blue and yellow Ukrainian flags flying overhead are.

Ednochka and Carochka
Me and Cara

I met with my friend Cara at the McDonald's on Independence Square. She was so gracious to offer her time to help me with translation so that I could purchase my tickets. After looking at the map, we set off to find the business we were looking for. I thought I had the address written down right, but it turns out we needed a completely different address. We ended up walking all over before finding it! All went well with purchasing the tickets and we are grateful that we found a cheaper alternative in traveling to the Bible College. Afterward, we headed back to Independence Square to have lunch together. Thanks Cara for making all of this possible! I really enjoyed hanging out with you.

Ukrainian Patriots

Since I rarely travel to Kyiv alone, I thought it would be a great opportunity to spend some time with Marianna. We met at her place and had a nice time chatting over real coffee. :) It was good to discuss politics together since she watches all the debates and could better fill me in. We also discussed the possibility of visiting orphans together, which is something that is really close to my heart. I am excited to see what God wants to do!

Our Freedom - Their Blood!
A poster commemorating October 14th, the day of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. It reads, "Our Freedom - Their Blood!"

Here's what communism did for Ukraine. I can understand Ukrainians disdain for the Soviet Union after watching this video. The video describes Holodomor, the genocide of Ukrainian people by the Soviet Union. Please be warned that the following historical images are very graphic and tragic.

The Soviet Story

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Hey! I haven't been reading anybody's blogs lately, I have been so busy, so I just caught up on your blog today...thanks for all the nice words, and yes! of course, we have to hang out again...I still need to get to your neck of the woods!