Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Fall Day With the Claycamp Family

The Claycamps

The Claycamp family, Micah, Christy, Josie, Jaden, Jeremy, and Justin, came to visit us today from Kaharlyk. The weather was perfect for a walk in the park and a chance to enjoy all the colors of Fall. It was fun to spend time with all off them. I think Josie even made a few new friends on the playground at our place before they left. The day seemed to slip by and we wish we would have had more time.

Thanks for stopping by guys. It would be our pleasure to have you over again soon.

Dominic, Joshua, Jeremy, Josie, and Jaden
Dominic, Joshua, Jeremy, Josie, and Jaden

Christy, Justin, and Edna
Christy, Justin, and Edna

Joshua and Jaden
Joshua and Jaden

Jeremy taming a lion
Jeremy taming one of the lions of Oleksandria

One step at a time little guy

Colors of Fall
Three boys and a pond
Jeremy, Jaden, and Joshua

Bride and Groom
one of the many newly married couples we saw

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