Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Monument a Day #13 - All Power to the Soviets! (1919)

All Glory to the Soviets!
All power to the Soviets!

This monument is probably the most controversial in Bila Tserkva. At first glance it seems like a "harmless" Soviet Union military memorial, but a closer inspection reveals otherwise. Roughly translated, it reads, "All power to the Soviets! Eternal glory to the Red Army and Red Navy of the Kyiv international brigades that died bravely in combat for the power of the Soviets in 1919." This was in response to Ukraine declaring its independence and the war for independence that followed. The monument is to foreign (international) soldiers who eventually forced Ukraine into the Soviet Union in 1921. For obvious reasons, this is not a popular monument and it suffers from frequent acts of vandalism.

Glory to Ukraine!
The spray paint reads, "Glory to Ukraine" and contains the national symbol of Ukraine.

This monument is located at: 49°47'41.37"N 30° 6'33.95"E

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