Monday, December 21, 2009

A Monument a Day #19 - German Monument in Park Oleksandria

German Monument in Park Oleksandria
Notice the various bullet holes in this monument in Park Oleksandria

This German monument was dedicated to Jens Kunst-Gartner on his 50th birthday by his friends on September 19th, 1865. The monument stands on the bank of the River Ros in Park Oleksandria. The park was founded in 1793.

What I've always thought was interesting about this monument is that it has several bullet holes in it. Most likely it was damaged during WWII and some of the holes were made by large caliber machine guns (probably by a Soviet DShK). It makes me wonder if it was used for target practice by Germans or targeted by Soviets because it was German. Just something to think about.

This monument is located in Park Oleksandria at: 49°48'29.45"N 30° 4'9.03"E

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liolick79 said...

Thanks for all your postings and pictures about my hometown. I can tell you what I know about this monument. It commemorates 50th anniversary of August Jens' hard work as main Gardener (or Kunst-Gartener=art-gardener)of Olexandria. I never thought that those tiny holes are bullets but I guess you right. There were a large battle between Soviet Army and Nazi during liberation of Bila Tserkva in January 1944. It happened in Pioneria district next to park and inside the park. One of the street there is named after that Vulytsia Janvarskogo Proryva (вул Январського Прорива= January Breakthrough street) That is also a reason why you can see a tank next to Rossiya. Liosha K.